2010 World Championships, Tabor: Elite men's Highlights film

Tabor in the Czech Republic hosted its second UCI World cyclocross championships in 2010... in snow.

2001 World Champs, Tabor: Final two laps of Elite men's race

Back in 2001, a young Sven Nys chases a leading trio of Vervecken, De Clercq and Czech hope Dlask over a wet and slushy course (other parts of this race can be found on You Tube).

1999-2000 World Cup, Tabor: Sven Nys races the Dutch champion Van der Poel... Adri van der Poel!

A real 'retro' treat - the complete Tabor World Cup men's race from November 1999. On the start line are World Cup leader Sven Nys, World champion Mario De Clercq, Richard Groenendaal and wearing the colours of Dutch champion is the 1996 World champion Adri van der Poel.
In Tabor on Sunday Nys will face the next generation of Dutch champions, quite literally in this instance, when he races Mathieu and David van der Poel - Adri's two sons.

The Tabor lap: on-bike footage from the World Cup in 2012 (dry)

2013-14 World Cup, Tabor: Full TV re-run in October sunshine (2013)

The last major race in Tabor, from last season - 15 months ago.

And 12 months ago... 2014 Worlds (Hoogerheide): Elite men's highlights