Great Britain: A Pennine tale (and trail)

A bunch of cyclocross riders and sent mysterious invitations to ride the rugged and exposed Mary Towneley Loop on the Pennine Bridleway national trail in northern England.

Italy: Villarocca singlespeed race

"Villarocca is a village in northern Italy, where every January a group of riders gather to ride their singlespeed cyclocross bikes and the trails around the old villa come alive and with them the mud breathes."

Japan: A frozen and tricky National Championships

Race action from the recent Japanese National Championships where regular European visitor Ayako Yoyooka won another title over a frozen motocross circuit.

Japan: Deep and snowy night race

More snowy action from Japan: The snow is deep and testing and this time there is also a night race in the dark!

Great Britain: Racing in the Scottish Islands

More racing in 'extreme weather' in the Scottish Islands: Driving rain on the island of Mull makes things tough in a round of the Scottish 'cross series.

Great Britain: The indoor Barn Cross series

So when the weather gets really rough there is always indoor racing…

And as an extra - please enjoy our Namur World Cup edit...

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