On the road from Ribblehead with final peak Penyghent in the distance.

Past the cafe where walkers on the Three Peaks can 'check in' before and afterwards.

The turn off to start the climb of Penyghent can be two-way traffic as riders descend.

'Penyghent Lane' (Horton Scar Lane) can be greasy when wet.

Some of the rougher parts of the lane are near the bottom.

This once tricky section has been smoothed out with infill.

Through two gates where the Shooting Box once stood and onto the fell proper.

The summit shrouded in mist.

A narrower, rockier section leads towards the top.

Then onto the final peatier and grassier climb.

The small summit plateau where you turn around and retrace your tracks down.

It was pretty damp in places three weeks ago.

The descent of Penyghent is now faster due to 'improvements'.

Almost back onto the final road section to Helwith Bridge.

The finish at the Helwith Bridge Inn awaits.

Final corner onto the pub car park (beware the gravel!).

Into the finish field and the Three Peaks are over!

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