It's been a whirlwind few weeks for Sven Nys. After an emotional retirement race came the sell-out stadium show of 'Merci Sven' in Antwerpen last weekend and now he moves onto his new role as team manager/co-owner of the Telenet-Fidea team.

The two-part documentary 'Het Laatste Jaar' chronicles the final year of Sven's long and very successful career. Director Jan Vandermotte follows the 'cross star from Mallorca to Cross Vegas and then back to Europe for the rest of the season.

"After a career of 18 years and 291 victories, Belgian titles and world titles - a fantastic record. For 18 years Sven has lived as an ├╝ber pro, a control freak who leaves nothing to chance, an ascetic who lives to eat, rest and train. In this documentary film, we get to to see it all in close up. Pure and unvarnished. For a whole year director Jan Vandermotte followed the perfectionist Nys on his routine everywhere. The result is a unique glimpse into the head of a sporting phenomenon. It is the farewell of a living legend.
A farewell to his greatest passion, his entourage and his loyal supporters. The last year of Sven Nys is the end of an era that will never return. This film is the ultimate reference.
With the participation of coach Paul Van Den Bosch, son Thibau Nys, team leader Jan Verstraeten, teammate Sven Vanthourenthout, mother Vera Galicia and training mate Wim Van Uffel."