1. Lovely atmospheric film by Tom McGoldrick

We're leading with this impressive film of the race day - and you may be surprised to know that film maker Tom is only 15-years-old. Bravo Tom.

2. Cyclocrossrider's ascent of Ingleborough

Back of the bike footage edited by Benedict "For the Love of Mud" Campbell. This is from the camera carried by Cyclocrossrider editor Konrad Manning who makes a Hitchcock-style appearance at "Rawnsley's Leap."

3. Simon Fell "fly on the wall"

More from Tom McGoldrick who left a camera at the steepest part of Simon Fell to capture everyones efforts.

4. Ian Taylor's amazing (fastest of the day) descent of Ingleborough

Fifth-placed Ian Taylor descended Ingleborough in an amazing time of 11 minutes 13 seconds. Hang on tight as there is at least one crash!

5. The rough conditions of 2012 

Just to illustrate how good conditions were this year - here is a 'speeded up' 2012 race film by Adrian Wain. Conditions in 2012 were some of the worst ever experienced in the 50-odd year history of the race with heavy rain and strong winds.

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